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About Happy Me!

Eileen Michele

My stories were developed from real life experience in desperation to help our daughter to start breathing again, due to her anxiety.

Each story was designed for children to read, taking them through a journey of controlled breathing to relax and breathe.

Children absorb stress; they are not resilient to it. Symptoms appear in many forms, possibly changing the direction of a child’s life.

A child may display aggression towards others, or shy away and withdraw.

This may be where the bullying begins.

Teaching Children to Relax and Breathe
Fun, Rhyming Stories
Life-Long Relaxation Techniques

Exclusively used by:

Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy. SLP, OT & PT
Breathing Control; Down Syndrome, hypotonia, anxiety, apraxia, fluency and dysarthria.

Early Childhood Educators
“Before the Bullying Begins.”
Lesson to relax and breathe when stressed.

Child Therapy
Teach children how to calm themselves when experiencing stress or sadness.

Martial Arts
Controlled breathing technique.
Implement breathing techniques for the children (not just for adults!) as a tool to help cope with anxieties, and for settling emotions when times become intense.