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Speech and Language Pathologist
Elizabeth Nesser MS, CCC-SLP
Portland, Oregon

Happy Me, Relax and Breathe is the latest addition to my therapy toolkit. I use this book daily and my clients love it! The children are attracted to the bright colors and smiling faces of the animals. The rhyme and rhythm of the text is melodic and adds to the visual experience and the child’s regulation. I use this book with children on the autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, hypotonia, anxiety, apraxia, fluency and dysarthria. It’s a great visual aid for breath control and relaxation. It’s another fun way to practice respiratory coordination and strengthening exercises. Happy Me, Relax and Breathe is used by SLP, OT & PT at our clinic. It is a much-used resource.

This sweet little book serves many purposes. As a speech language pathologist (speech therapist) I use this book every day in my practice. Speech begins with breathing and motor control of the respiratory system. This book is a visual to help children learn how to control the respiratory system. Children learn through pictures and tactile cues. And my clients love the big, bright, simple pictures. The rhythm of the text also provides ‘breathing rhythm’. Happy Me is a delightful, interactive book that is visually attractive to pre-schoolers and grade school ages, as well as their parents! It’s also a great therapy tool for speech and occupational therapists.

Teaching Children to Relax and Breathe
Fun, Rhyming Stories
Life-Long Relaxation Techniques

Early Education

San Jose Unified School District

The cover alone draws you in. It is cheerful and colorful. The rhyming text makes it easy and fun to read. You will find yourself breathing more effectively just by reading it aloud. This book is an excellent tool for teaching children to cope with stress and anxiety through breathing techniques that are presented in a fun and natural way. An extra bonus is that it is a great counting book as well for little ones!!!

Martial Arts Master Instructor
Luis Santiago
Mountain View, California

We used to teach various breathing techniques in our adult martial arts classes and offered short seminars in the workplace. We also offered bully-prevention classes to local children in LA. However, ‘prevention’ was only one aspect. It would have been wonderful to implement breathing techniques for the children (not just for adults!) as a tool to help cope with anxieties, and for settling emotions when times become intense. Once the exercises are conditioned, they become lifelong tools, so why not start proper breathing early? I’m glad to see a book finally offer the benefits of effective breathing techniques to children. It is written simple, so even the newest readers (or listeners if being read to) can have fun with the short rhymes and learn effective techniques at the same time. I have two children, one is in great need of help with anxiety so I found this book.

Yoga and Child Birth Instructor
Carol Kampatz
Portland, Oregon

I am impressed with Eileen Michele’s book Happy Me!: Relax and Breathe. This method of relaxation is used in yoga also, in preparation for child birth. Eileen Michele has made this method available for young children. Here is a book to help them breathe and cope with distress.